Words of Wisdom

Triads are short wisdom sayings in Druidry. The druids seem to have been fond of threes. There are old wisdom saying or triads that are kept alive in modern Druidry, however, as a living and changing spirituality, new Triads are also very much a part of the continuation of the search for wisdom. I would like to share one of mine.

Three gifts of the river: connection, sustenance and rejuvenation.

Just as the river has connected humanity historically and continues to do so in the present day, so it brings life and sustenance to plants and animals within and surrounding it. It connects the Salmon as it leaves the place of its birth and returns at the end of its life to give birth to a new generation. The river connects the realms of land, sea and sky by way of the cyclical flow of life-sustaining water, as vaporized seawater falls from the sky to land and flows back to the sea. Sitting beside the river, it provides a rejuvenation to the soul, just as it rejuvenates the land and life that live along its path.

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