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Gods and Goddesses

I have spent a great deal of time contemplating deity on my spiritual path. It has been difficult. Experiencing deity is a very personal thing. This is not meant as an authoritative essay, but as an expression of my journey. I grew up with a set way of looking at the concept of who and what God…


It was my first ritual. I had been reading an introductory book on Wicca and decided to try casting a circle. I nervously followed all the steps for the rite. Step one was a cleansing bath. Sitting in the water, I felt the nerves melt away and a sense of deep relaxation. As I rose out of…

By the River

I saw the seasons change. As a Great Blue Heron stalked its prey, I laid beneath a maple’s turning leaves resting in the shade. The clouds came in so quietly. Nature dimmed the light to a grey glow as a mother tucking in her sleepy child then stealing away on tiptoe. I am not depressed but hushed…

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