Thoughts on the element of Earth

The power of the element of earth lies in grounding and in nourishment, not only grounding on the earth but grounding in the earth. We are made of earth, the stuff of dirt, minerals, decomposing vegetation. So, in grounding in the earth, we are grounding in ourselves— our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our spirit. Our bodies, both organic and energetic are nourished by the life force of the earth, what is known in various traditions as Qi, Nwyfre, Spirit. Like being born of our human mother, and being nourished by her, so we are born from the Earth Mother and nourished by her life force. Just as we are part of a family, so we are a part of the communion, the family, of nature. As we are of the Earth Mother, so are the minerals, the plants, the animals. As we are nourished and filled with the life force of the earth, so too are they. In this sense, we are one, connected. Our energetic body is in communion, connected with the fellow offspring of the Earth Mother. We are not separate but one. This is the beautiful gift of connection with the Earth Mother, of connection with the element of earth.

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