The Element of Water, the Cycle of Death and Rebirth

In the stillness of the meadow

peaceful sounds of melted snow

crisp through the fresh spring grass 

Winter letting go

From mountain pass an icy stream

against the earth is helpless

Yielding to its pull, carving

through ancient rock, relentless

Thundering through river gorge

to placid summer plains

Rising on the wings of fire

released as falling rain

Never having its own plan

it follows nature’s will 

Not terrified of crashing waterfalls 

nor bored of standing still 

Drifting out to westward sea

where we both have been before

Struggling against the waves I tire

and let go of the oars

Smothered in a thick fall mist

as I release the till

Blind yet I know where I am 

as we drift westward still

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